Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Presidential Campaign is Now Upon Us - What are dates to look for in the next several months?

The Democrats pick their candidate on July 13 - 16  2020

The 2020 elections, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, are 18 months away.

The two parties will formally pick their candidates in the summer of 2020 at nominating conventions. Trump is overwhelmingly predicted to win his parties nomination. However, he has picked up his first opponent, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, who is as moderate and liberal on social issues a Republican can get. It is yet to be seen if Trump will even bother debating him.

The Democrats have already attracted considerable interest with a wide range of candidates in the field and preparing to enter. Some key dates to keep in mind are -

June 26 and 27 2019 --- The First Presidential Debates

Debates will continue through the end of the year

The Nominating Primaries and Caucuses kick off in 2020

Four small states will first go in different regions:

February 3:     Iowa 

February 11:    New Hampshire

February 22:   Nevada

February 29:   South Carolina

States will vote in large "blocks" in March. The candidate should be effectively selected by the end of this month.

March 3: (Super Tuesday) -  Alabama, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia

March 7:  (Louisiana)

March 10:  (Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Washington (State), North Dakota, Democrats Abroad

March 17:  Arizona, Florida, and Illinois primaries

March:   (undetermined dates)  Colorado, Maine, Wyoming

In case a clear winner is not selected by the end of March, two important primaries should sort things out for Democrats in April:

Wisconsin:  April 7

New York:  April (date undetermined, New York could move the primary up to March).

The Democrats are "front-loading" their nominating process in the hopes of picking a nominee by April 1.  The drawn out party nominating process and recriminations between the Sanders and Clinton forces was seen as one reason why the party could not effectively unify in time for the general election. California's move to March from its traditional June date should help clarify the situation earlier.

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