Saturday, November 10, 2018

How Good Were My Predictions for the 2018 Midterms? I think they were pretty good!

Eddi's Unconventional Source For 2018 Predictions 

How did I do with my predictions?

I think they were pretty good!  In fact, I might get total accuracy in predicting Senate, 95% accuracy in predicting Congressional, and 95% accuracy in predicting gubernatorial election numbers.

You can check my final predictions here.

The Senate  

Final Prediction:   

Although more Democrats win seats (24 Democrats to 11 Republicans), Republicans increase their number of seats in the Senate to 53.

  • 53 R, 47 D     
Actual Results (as of 11/10/18):
  • 52 R,  46 D,  2 not yet called  (Florida and Arizona) 


The House of Representatives

Final Prediction:  

The Democrats will increase their number of seats by 32 and take control of the House of Representatives by 15 seats.

  • 225 D,  210 R
Actual Results (as of 11/10/18):
  • 226 D, 199 R, 9 not yet called


Gubernatorial Elections:

I predicted that Democrats will win at least 9 states from Republicans. They will win at least 18 of the 36 states up for election, including most of the more populous states.

Actual Results (as of 11/10/18):

The Democrats picked up 7 states from Republicans to date and are awaiting the results in two states where Republicans are currently ahead, but in which not all the ballots have been counted. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidates won the following Republican-held states:

New Mexico

Undecided pending final count of votes:

Georgia: Republican is ahead but a runoff election is possible if either candidate does not get 50%

Florida:  Republican is ahead, pending recount.

The only Republican pick-up was in Alaska, where the prior governor was an independent. 


  1. yes! you were so close in all your predictions, well done!

  2. Wally Cleaver told me to ask the Voodoo Curse and it worked!